Another great Turkey Fair!

It was another GREAT day at the Turkey Fair! Thank you to all the volunteers, without whom this day would not be possible; to all the sponsors that enable us to provide fairgoers with fun activities and events; to all the demonstrators and performers who donate their time and talents; to our local dignitaries for coming out to open the fair; and to everyone that came out this year, and those who come back year after year, because it’s you, our patrons that make the fair what it is – the best country fair around!

Visit our ‘Thanks’ page to see our list of contributors.



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8 responses to “Another great Turkey Fair!

  1. Tracey

    This is the first year we were able to attend and we loved it! We rent a cottage every year on Bass Lake and feel like we are home when we are there. Thank you to all the tireless volunteers for working hard to make sure we all enjoy this event! We will be back and next year, even though it won’t count, I want a turkey kit!

  2. Pam

    What about thanking all of the vendors? We are a MAJOR part of the fair!!

    • Hi Pam,
      While of course we’re happy that we have vendors at the fair, and they do make up a big part, we focus on thanking the people who volunteer their time and money – people who don’t see any gain, but help out of generosity. These are the people who make it so the vendors will have over 5000 people in one place walking by their booths so they can make some money. While I agree that vendors are part of the attraction of the fair, without the volunteers and donors, there simply would not be a fair at all. I think we show our appreciation for vendors by our very reasonable fee and the changes we made to the set up which created a safer enviroment for fairgoers and vendors.

  3. D

    Hello…could not see if there is a fee for just visiting the site the day of sept.19

    • There’s no fee. Our motto is ‘A free day of family fun!’ The only purchase you would need to make is if you want to buy food or something from a vendor. And just to note – the date this year is Sept 17.

  4. Anne

    hi Great fair. Found it by accident while out driving one Sat. Had a great time. The next year we brought our daughter and had another great time. We’ve been the last 3 years. This time my husband got drenched but we still had a great time. We hope to attend for many more years. Great people, great food and great entertainment. Thanks to all involved to make this such a good time. See you next year.

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