Condolences to the Antoines

The Turkey Fair would like to send its very deepest condolences to the Antoines, who tragically lost their beloved Mack, one of their percheron draft horses, today at the fair. It has been confirmed that Mack had a heart attack.

Both Mack and his friend Prince were being rested and watered regularly today. This death was inevitable. The family takes some comfort in knowing that he didn’t suffer and his friend Prince is going to spend a few days with some other horses so that he’s not alone. Prince and Mack had been together for almost 9 years, since they were 1 1/2 years old.

The Antoines are a respected family in our community and we ask that only offers of condolence are left here. They are responsible horse owners with extensive experience. They would like to send thanks to everyone who was so kind in helping them and Mack. Please join us in supporting them through this very terrible time.



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9 responses to “Condolences to the Antoines

  1. Tom Stephenson

    Lynda & I were shocked to hear the sad news of Mack passing at the Fair. Thought’s and prayers to the family in this difficult time.

  2. Kerry

    I am so so sorry for your loss. My daughter and grandchildren where at the fair, on the road where your beloved Mack went down. I’m sure it was very upsetting for all involved.

  3. Gillian Sibbald

    That is so tragic and I send my deepest condolences to the Antoines.

  4. Christine Brennan

    Our family is sending our thoughts today. Mack and prince gave my daughter her first carriage ride. They certainly were a beautiful team. Just know that Mack past doing a job he loved!!!

  5. My heart aches for you – these horses are real family members, and a loss like this is hard on everyone. I hope Prince in particular is handling this well – it must be so hard for him. You have my deepest sympathy.

  6. Eileen D

    So sorry to hear this news. He was a beautiful horse.

  7. Elizabeth Reed Stearry

    George and I are so sorry for your loss. These black beauties definitely steal a part of our heart over the years that we have them in our care.

  8. Carol & Ron Wittebol

    We are so sorry to hear this tragic news. We send our condolences to the Antoine family and Prince, who is surely going to miss his buddy Mack. RIP Mack.

  9. Ryan Cole

    I’m sorry for your tragic loss of your steadfast horse. The love and care you both show for your horses was evident.
    Our thoughts are with you, through your tough time.
    Ryan Cole and Elisabeth Cassell

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