Thanks to Township of Leeds & 1000 Islands

Huge thank you to the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands for a grant to help pay for children’s activities at this year’s Turkey Fair! Because of this grant, we’ll have a climbing wall and kids’ slide.



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6 responses to “Thanks to Township of Leeds & 1000 Islands

  1. Annie Francois

    Hi I’m wondering if you got my message re entertaining again at the fair this year? Annie Francois

  2. Annie Francois

    I am not positive that I sent you anything. So. If you didn’t receive my message, I am interested in singing again this year. I prefer to have the chance to sing on the Main Street with the big sound system on the corner where Kirk Francois normally sings. If I could sing for an hour there that’d be great. My fee would be $100 my usual fee when I sing at the nursing homes. My show includes Patsy Cline , Anne Murray , Loretta Lynn , Merle Haggard tunes as well as the goodie oldies we all remember. In addition when I’m done I could , if you want me to, set up further down on Main St and offer karaoke to the public. I definitely did not like the spot I had the last time in the gully over the bridge. It’d be great if you could have some chairs and shade tent there so people could take a rest / sing / listen etc. before moving on. If close to a coffee truck that’d be great too. I would set up there from say noonish or as soon as I could after my other performance, and stay until closing for an additional $150 Please let me know as soon as possible as my summer is getting pretty busy.

    Thanks Annie Francois

    • Hi Annie – could you email us? It will be easier to have a conversation that way. Just go to the contact page and send one from there please 🙂

  3. George Duckworth

    I would like to be considered as a vendor for the crafters show. I am a woodturner Making wooden bowls.

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