Car Show

Start your engines! The Classic Car Show returns for 2023!

This year’s show is a Show & Shine.  The gates open at 9am, and cars will be accepted until we are full. Good weather usually brings a lot of cars, so owners should plan to arrive early. Admission is $10.00, which includes a ticket for the door prizes. Owners wanting more info can contact Jane at 613-331-4766.

Wanting to view the cars? Just come over anytime after 10am to view and chat with the collectors.


32 responses to “Car Show

  1. Ryan

    Great day at the Fair and the car show, only suggestion would to have the door prizes be drawn out of a hat at the car show. The feedback from participants and the classic car community was the give aways seemed to favor friends of the car show? I’d hate to have the car show get a bad reputation for such a simple thing. The bad reputation might already be felt that way though…

    • Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry to hear that you feel the draw may not be fair. While the Turkey Fair doesn’t actually run the car show, we do know that each registrant is given a ticket off of a roll when they enter – each ticket having an 8 digit number on it. In light of that we’re not sure if it would be possible to choose a certain ticket for each prize. We certainly hope that the car show has a good reputation and we know it has enjoyed great attendance over the years.

  2. Barry Bilmer

    I was a first time participant at last year’s car show and had no feel that the door prizes where fixed. That is just how things work whether the draw is by numbered tickets or drew from a hat. I help run things at a Cornwall, Ontario car show and cruise night and the “luck of the draw” always seems to go to the same people because those people are always present for all the events.
    I am looking forward to this year’s event and I hope to bring some of our club members with me this year.

  3. Crystal

    Can you register for the car show if you do not have Ontario plates and registration yet? We are new residents and have not had the chance to swap all of our vehs. over yet.

  4. Trevor

    First time at the show this year and both myself and my wife really enjoyed it. Lots to do for the girls and lots to see for the guys at the show. One thing that maybe could be added would be announcing the winning car year and model along with the owners name. Nice to hear what actually took the prize rather than who. Other than that we thought the show had a great turn out, door prizes were great and just a fun day. Well be back next year.

    Thanks again


  5. Lori

    Last year people were voting for the vehicles before the noon deadline not giving a lot of cars that were still coming in a chance.

  6. Martyn Timmings LBL

    enjoyed the car show last year will be back with my car for 2013, if you listed the event in Old Autos calendar of events a bimonthly paper for collectors you may get some good exposure email , JOB WELL DONE THANKS

  7. Heather MacKay

    Awesome, and the weather should be nice… wondering why you stopped prizes for Production at 1990…. dang, mine is a 91……Mustang Cobra GT, where does it fit in?

    • As the cut off for Stock Production is 1990, perhaps you could enter in the Special Interest category. Hope this helps and we will re-evaluate categories for another year. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you at the Turkey Fair on Saturday.

  8. Tom Stephenson

    Our first visit was in 2014. had a great time, lots a really nice vehicles. Very good breakfast & lots to see. Will for sure be back in 2015. Tom & Lynda Lou.

  9. Bill L.

    I’ll be there for the first time.How many cars do you usually get and is it participant or formal judging?

  10. janet1597

    How many cara are regestered .we came from Ottawa last week to the brockville car show if there was 15 cars that was it. Heard later kingston had a car show the same day they had over 300 cars now we know where all the cars were . They should coordinate this between the towns

  11. Tom Stephenson

    2018 & we will attend the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair & Car show. #1 on our list of must attend. See you all on Saturday Sept. 15. Lynda & Tom.

  12. jane

    This year’s car show was great. What a nice way to spend a day.

  13. Rick Truesdell

    I got a 2014 Dodge Ram is it allowed to go

  14. Steve Hamre

    What time do cars for the car show, arrive to get a spot?

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