The Fair includes several stages with live music all day. You’ll find a mix of music styles and genres. The stages are the perfect place to take a break from walking around and enjoy some entertainment. Or even better – dance up a storm!

Green Gecko Stage

10:00 am Justin K Francois as Elvis
11:00 am Chris Royer
12:00 pm The Rifle & The Writer
1:00 pm Bruce McElroy
2:00 pm The Rifle & The Writer
3:00 pm Backlash


Classic Car Stage

10:00 am Hallman and Hoffman
1:00 pm Annie Francois
2:00 pm Steve Kenny
3:30 pm Calvin Sheffield

Main Street Stage

10:00 am Rocky High and the Northern Lights
11:30 am Fiddlers Plus
1:30 pm Tao Hipwell
2:30 pm Pat Johnson
3:30 pm Brie Salmon
IMG_4802 2309113_344720228951380_1267983840_n279877577_10166448110115626_7121306034594765206_n280224605_5471131156243842_8256671923277629126_n

Jonas Street Music Festival

10:30 am The Blue Grasshoppers
11:40 am The Young Family Band
12:50 pm Darrin & Shelly
2:00 pm The Blue River Band
3:10 pm CR5 Bluegrass

*all times subject to change*







17 responses to “Entertainment

  1. Pierre Lefebvre

    Hi i would like to know how to register for next year turkey fair to play music for the day .I play country music amwas lucky enough to play a few song two years ago and this year also.A contact number or an e-mail address on who to talk to about next year event would be greatly appreciated.Thank you Pierre

    • Hi there – if you send us a note through the contacts page with some info about you – your name, contact info, type of music, fees – it will get to the person who looks after entertainment. Thanks for your message! Click HERE for our Contact page.

  2. Philippe Gagnon


    If you need me to play by the Lakefront this year again, maybe you should let me know.Itis always fun there.

    Troubadours ..Philippe Gagnon /Mrs Joyce Lindsay

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  5. Gaetan Mayer

    Now I would like to post a comment with my glasses on. (sorry about the spelling mistakes in previous post) Had chance to check out County Road 5 and the Blue River Band. Nothing like live Bluegrass. Very enjoyable.
    Gates/Grassy Roads Bluegrass

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  7. Shirley

    what happened to the music in Furnace falls Park
    it was close for people who had walkers and could not walk far

    • Hi there – The Waterfront stage has been moved to the car show and is now called the Classic Car Stage. This change was a joint decision between the committee and the people running that stage. We do have buses that can transport people around the village at no charge. Hope this helps!

      • Shirley

        NOT at all
        this stage has been here since day one

      • Hi again. It seems that you’re upset about the location of the stage. The fact is that the person who runs it requested a change in location. Since he has been doing such a great job since day one and is an integral part of the fair, we could hardly refuse him.

  8. Linda Wyborn

    So glad to see Matt Cage there once again – he is the best Elvis Tribute Artist – has won all kinds of competitions over the years and just left Lyndurst to play for a sell-out crowd in his hometown of Belleville and last Saturday was a sell-out crowd at the Grand Theatre in Kingston. I have one complaint – he came on first and it was late starting (not his fault) and so he only got to put on a small show – people were lined all up along the street and a lot were saying how good he was. Maybe next year could he be on second – thanks for our consideration

    • We were really happy that Matt agreed to come this year, what with his big show at the Empire later that day. In order to get to Belleville and get ready for his show, he could only come to the Turkey Fair if we put him on early. It was great that he could be in Lyndhurst again this year and we hope he will be back in 2015.

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  10. Sylvia McElroy

    Steph, I have been trying to connect you after your phone request, re: program. All I have been able to reach is your fax, and we do not fax. Please contact me……Glen M.

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