2022 Prize Winners

Here are the 2022 winners!

Unclaimed Button Prize Numbers

Below are the unclaimed button prize numbers. Please call Vera at 613-484-3186 to arrange to pick up your prize.

If you have already spoken to Vera about your prize it’s waiting at The Green Gecko in Lyndhurst for pickup. (for hours call 613.928.1196)

If you have not yet checked your button numbers please check asap (https://turkeyfair.com/prize-winners/). If you have a winning number please call Vera at 613-484-3186 BEFORE coming to pickup your prize.

DEADLINE for claiming your prize is Oct 18.

Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 7.55.18 PM

50/50 Draw

Alisha Brown of Westport won $1070

Turkey Tracks Draw for VIA Rail Prize

Janet Schultz of Ottawa

Quilt Draw

John McTavish of Delta

Children’s Draw

1st Prize ($25): Alex W
2nd Prize ($15): Weston
3rd Prize ($10): Alexis

CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks to all that entered!


45 responses to “2022 Prize Winners

  1. Debbie Colpitts

    Turkey Fair was GREAT this year, bigger and better than ever. I am always amazed at the number of people this event draws to the little village of Lyndhurst!! We camp at Wilson’s Campground and look forward to the fair every year. We always have guests to come attend the fair, it’s like the Season Send-off. Great job everyone!! Thank you for the Fun.

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  3. Angie Phillips (Chisamore)

    What an amazing turkey fair this year!!!! I am so proud to say I grew up in such a great village!!! You have outdone yourselves this year, it was awesome!!!! Thanks for making Lyndhurst look so good!!!

  4. Monique

    Had a great time again this year at the turkey fair. Look forward to it every year! Just wondering…How much did the pumpkin weigh?

  5. Ronald Jones

    We always go for the car show as we have an old car,but we try to get up to see some of the other stuff too.The music is great.Our only complaint is nopaper in the washrooms at the car show area.

    • We’re glad you enjoyed the car show. There was a great turn out this year. Thanks for bringing the paper issue to our attention. It’ll be discussed at our next meeting. Hope you come again next year!

  6. Cindy Vorstenbosch

    Just wondering who won the little crooked fire house? Again a wonderful day in Lyndhurst and mother nature certainly did her best as well.

  7. digger

    Wow! Another great Turkey Fair . Thanks to all the organizers/helpers/etc,etc who donated time and energy (probably a few bucks too) to make this yet another great success! Liked the idea of spreading out the vendors and keeping parking off the main street and just one shoulder of the Hwy out by Home Hdwe…. safety first eh? πŸ™‚ hay -wagon ride was a grreat way to see what at the Fair..then go hoof it to have a closer lokk-see. Vendors were all pleasant and helpful and good looking too (hi Dr. Dodie and Pam) πŸ™‚
    Nice to see a variety of music sections around the route as well as food vendors and of course the Johnny-on-the-spot locations!
    Thanks again, looking forward to next year’s event, good Lord willing πŸ™‚

    • Wow thank you for taking the time to send in your comments! We really appreciate it. The streets do seem much safer now with this new arrangement. We’re so happy to hear you enjoyed the fair. It really was such a great day!

      • Eileen

        Hi, the committee and the volunteers do a fantastic job in arranging this very popular event each year. As a person who drives through this Village on Turkey Fair Day I do agree it has improved since the events etc. are spread throughout the area. I am still concerned about someone especially a small child getting hit on main street. The vendors should not be permitted to set up with the front side of their tables on the white line of the highway. I would suggest that the municipality close Ford and Oakel Streets to traffic and move the vendors to that area. Thanks for the opportunity to express my concerns.

      • Hi and thanks for your feedback. I will definitely bring your concern to the committee. In recent years we’ve made some changes to the vendor set up – moving the bulk off the main street – and we do expect them to set up facing the sidewalk for the very reason you mentioned. I’ll suggest to the committee that we make a point of reminding vendors to set up safely. Thanks again!

  8. Cindy Vorstenbosch

    Thanks Cheryl I missed placed my ticket stub.!!

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  10. jill

    I was a vendor for the first time this year and I have to say this is a very well organised event for families of all ages. As a vendor it was nice to take in the beautiful scenery, be entertained by the music all day and meet some great people from near and far. I was amazed at how much a small villiage had to offer. Thanks for a wonderful day. see you next year!!

  11. I really enjoyed the Turkey Fair. First time that I have actually been able to attend in the 5 years that we have lived near Lyndhurst. So this year I decided to raise awareness for Compassion as a Child Advocate for Compassion International. It was great! I was so impressed with how the town was laid out with different areas to see. I was not even able to see the whole thing! The vendors had such a wide variety of goods, services and treats. And I thought the Turkey Tracks was a great idea, too. My hats off to all those who worked tirelessly to make this come to be such a popular event and it looks very impressive to me. I’ll be back.


  12. Art Shaw

    Dispite the rain, our Heritage Display was well attended. Besides the sampling of documents from the archives, Keith Sly brought a new Powerpoint slide show of pictures taken around the village in the 1920s by Elizabeth Stevens Stuart. Lots of people came to talk about the history of the village, we sold 7 township history books, and three people volunteered to lend their family pictures to the archives for scanning.

  13. Peggy Maxwell

    Why Does it say 2012 Quilt Draw and Winner???

  14. Peggy maxwell

    Ok thank you

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  16. Karen

    Where can I find the unclaimed button prize numbers?

  17. shannon griffin

    I have found 2 numbers on my buttons that are unclaimed and have tried the number to call with no answer or call back.

    Is there another number that can be used?

  18. candice

    is there a list for the winning button numbers? We had to leave early and wanted to check to see if our button numbers were drawn later in the day

  19. Suzanne

    Had a great time. Look forward to this event every year. Keep up the good work.

  20. Eileen Derevenko

    I come in from the States every year for the Turkey Festival and I think this year was the best ever! So many crafters and things going on. Well done to the event corridnator! Hope next year is even better!

  21. Len

    We have a guest coming from out of town – Lyndhurst is the only crossing for many miles. Question – Can a vehicle pass over the stone bridge on main street during Turkey Fair, or can one bypass via Redhorse Lake Rd and Jonas St? Or are both routes blocked for Turkey Fair? Thanks

    • The roads are county roads so none of them are blocked. It can be a bit slow getting through town, but it’s really only a couple blocks and you’re through. We have traffic control at the bridge to keep things running smoothly.

  22. Bruce Craig

    Great job today folks! The organizers and volunteers can be very proud. You did an excellent job. A great day for young, old and in between!

  23. Turkey Fair is BACK! After far too long people are getting out and having a good time, enjoying nearly twenty musical acts, street magic, countless vendors, and a car show that can’t be beat! Thank you, Lyndhurst – we’ve really been needing this!

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