2018 Program






12 responses to “2018 Program

  1. Jim Barnett/Smiths Falls

    I will see Ya All there on Saturday,Sept.15/2012,I never miss the activities & the Car Show,I take a vechicle to the show & spend most of the day touring the town,it is AMAZING with all the Vendors,SEE u THERE.
    From Jim Bo/Big Barn

  2. melanie


  3. Tanya

    Is there an online program for this year’s fair that can be printed?

  4. Sean

    WOW! What a great effort by everyone to make this Turkey Fair so packed with cool stuff and so well organized. I am blown away at the amount of work that you all have done, and recognize the good that such a positive cultural event does for the community and the broader region. Thank you.

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  6. Patricia

    Fabulous effort to make this Turkey Fair at the top of everyone’s must do this weekend’s list. I look forward to having a busy booth this Saturday. Please come and sample!! Sunset Gourmet is Canadian owned and operated…37 of the 52 products are gluten free!
    Patricia, Independent Consultant with Sunset Gourmet.

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