2019 Program



15 responses to “2019 Program

  1. Jim Barnett/Smiths Falls

    I will see Ya All there on Saturday,Sept.15/2012,I never miss the activities & the Car Show,I take a vechicle to the show & spend most of the day touring the town,it is AMAZING with all the Vendors,SEE u THERE.
    From Jim Bo/Big Barn

  2. melanie


  3. Tanya

    Is there an online program for this year’s fair that can be printed?

  4. Sean

    WOW! What a great effort by everyone to make this Turkey Fair so packed with cool stuff and so well organized. I am blown away at the amount of work that you all have done, and recognize the good that such a positive cultural event does for the community and the broader region. Thank you.

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  6. Patricia

    Fabulous effort to make this Turkey Fair at the top of everyone’s must do this weekend’s list. I look forward to having a busy booth this Saturday. Please come and sample!! Sunset Gourmet is Canadian owned and operated…37 of the 52 products are gluten free!
    Patricia, Independent Consultant with Sunset Gourmet.

  7. Martha Servage

    Looking to find the turkey sausage vendor

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