5 km Run/Walk

Organizer: Jack Harvey 613-928-2989, jharvey@live.ca

Runners: Male or female, any age. You may run or walk.

Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018 (Turkey Fair Day)

Race Start Time: 9:00 am sharp. Runners should be in the start area to warm up and sign in by about 8:30 am.

Start/End Location: 141 Jonas St., Lyndhurst, Ont

The Run: 5 km on scenic country roads, along a river, over 2 bridges, up and down hills. Your time will be recorded. There will be distance markers at 1 km, 1.5 km, 2 km and the turnaround at 2.5 km. There will also be white markers along the route.

Cost: $5 if under 16, $10 if 16 or older

Prize: During the race one runner’s name will be drawn for a frozen turkey which may be picked up at The Post in Lyndhurst during the day. As well, 4 runner’s names will be drawn to receive a Lyndhurst Turkey Fair t-shirt.

Water and apples will be provided at the end of the race. Free parking is in the
nearby field at 146 Jonas St. Runners are welcome to stay for the many activities of the
Turkey Fair which starts at 10 am. Runners can compare their new time to their past times.
You may consider it a race, a jog or just a very pleasant walk – a great way to start the day.


eyfair.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/10636344_702954956461237_4191765149565126328_n.jpg”> Runners pose for a picture before starting off on a lovely course through Lyndhurst’s country roads.


9 responses to “5 km Run/Walk

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  2. Jim Stevenson

    We had a great time, my wife’s & sons first 5k. We will bring more from the Charleston Lake crew.

  3. Anis Ahmad Khan

    I am an Veteran Indian Runner, 63 years, want to run your 5 km run. Is there separate age group above 60 years gor prize? Which is the nearest Airport to this place.

  4. Are jogging strollers allowed?

  5. Allison

    How do you register for this race?

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